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Moïse Mbiye – Yanga Libanga


Moïse Mbiye’s “Yanga Libanga” (Lingala for “The Power of the Voice”) transcends the realm of a song, transforming into a powerful and uplifting anthem that celebrates the transformative potential of human expression. Through a vibrant tapestry of music, lyrics overflowing with hope and empowerment, and Mbiye’s soaring vocals, the song becomes a resounding call to action, urging listeners to embrace their voices and use them to uplift themselves and the world around them.

The song opens with a gentle invitation: “Loba na ngai” (Lingala for “Speak to me”). Delivered with a tender sincerity, these opening lines establish the song’s core message – the power of communication and the importance of using our voices to connect and share our experiences. The music mirrors this gentleness, with a soft melody and delicate instrumentation, creating a sense of intimacy and open dialogue.

As the song progresses, the lyrics delve deeper into the concept of empowerment through expression. Lines like “Nakoloba na bolingo” (Lingala for “I will speak with love”) and “Ndeko, tezalaka na liputa” (Lingala for “Brother, don’t be silent”) emphasize the positive impact of using our voices to spread love, inspire others, and break free from the constraints of silence. The music subtly uplifts, incorporating elements of hope and determination, reflecting the power of using our voices to create positive change.

“Yanga Libanga” isn’t simply about individual expression; it highlights the collective power of unified voices. The lyrics shift to, “Tozali na nguvu na liputa na biso” (Lingala for “We have strength in our voices”), urging listeners to come together and use their voices as a force for good. The music builds in intensity, incorporating elements of call and response, inviting the audience to participate in a collective expression of unity and empowerment.


Moïse Mbiye – Yanga Libanga Lyrics

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