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Moïse Mbiye – Lisungi Ya Pokua


Moïse Mbiye’s “Lisungi Ya Pokua” (Lingala for “The Promise of the Conqueror”) is an electrifying anthem that celebrates the unwavering strength and unwavering commitment found in faith. Through a vibrant blend of Lingala lyrics, pulsating rhythms, and Mbiye’s powerful vocals, the song becomes a sonic declaration of victory, reminding listeners of the enduring promises and unwavering support of a higher power.

The song explodes onto the scene with a triumphant declaration: “Nzambe azali mokonzi” (Lingala for “God is the conqueror”). Delivered with unwavering conviction, these opening lines establish the foundation of faith and confidence that permeates the entire song. The music mirrors this energy, with driving percussion, electrifying guitar riffs, and soaring brass sections, creating a sense of power and momentum.

As the song progresses, the lyrics delve deeper into the concept of the “promise.” Lines like “Ndeko osali te koyangana” (Lingala for “Brother, you are not fighting alone”) and “Nzambe azali na ngai” (Lingala for “God is with me”) emphasize the unwavering support and guidance received through faith. The music incorporates elements of traditional gospel harmonies, creating a sense of community and shared strength in the face of challenges.


Moïse Mbiye – Lisungi Ya Pokua Lyrics

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