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Moïse Mbiye – Feu Royal


In Moïse Mbiye’s “Feu Royal” (French for “Royal Fire”), vibrant instrumentals and soaring vocals erupt in a captivating declaration of faith and unwavering devotion. More than just a gospel song, it becomes a sonic tapestry woven with power, reverence, and a call to action. The song ignites a flame within listeners, urging them to embrace their purpose, share their gifts, and illuminate the world with the transformative power of their faith.

The song explodes onto the scene with a powerful statement of purpose: “J’allume le feu, le feu royal” (“I light the fire, the royal fire”). Sung with unwavering conviction, these lyrics set the stage for a song that ignites a passion for spreading the message of faith. The music mirrors this energy, with driving rhythms and electrifying instrumentals creating a sense of urgency and excitement.

As the song progresses, the lyrics shift to a position of deep reverence: “Je m’incline devant ta majesté” (“I bow before your majesty”). This powerful statement acknowledges the awe and respect felt towards a higher power. The music takes on a more reverent tone, incorporating elements of traditional gospel harmonies, creating a sense of humility and devotion.


Moïse Mbiye – Feu Royal Lyrics

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