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MID-NIGHT PRAYER: COMMANDING THE DAY 01 Feb. 2024 with Pst. Dr Paul Enenche


On the transformative night of February 1, 2024, the spiritual atmosphere resonated with fervent prayers and divine declarations as believers gathered for a profound Midnight Prayer session led by Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche. This sacred event served as a powerful catalyst for commanding the day ahead, seeking divine guidance, and ushering in blessings and breakthroughs through the empowering connection with the Almighty.

Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche skillfully led the congregation in a spiritual journey of seeking divine alignment. Through heartfelt prayers, participants surrendered their plans, dreams, and aspirations to the divine will, invoking guidance and wisdom for the day ahead.

The Midnight Prayer session was characterized by strategic declarations and affirmations, echoing biblical promises and invoking the power of faith. Participants united their voices, proclaiming victory, favor, and supernatural breakthroughs in various aspects of their lives.

Intercession played a pivotal role as the gathering fervently prayed for global peace, healing, and unity. The session became a conduit for participants to lift their voices in unison, interceding for nations, communities, families, and individual needs.

Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche’s prayerful guidance extended to healing and deliverance, creating an atmosphere where attendees could experience spiritual and physical restoration. Miraculous testimonies of healing and deliverance emerged, testifying to the manifestation of divine power.

The session also featured the impartation of anointing and empowerment, invoking the presence of the Holy Spirit. Participants were encouraged to receive a fresh anointing to tackle challenges and fulfill their divine purposes.



The Midnight Prayer session led by Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche on February 1, 2024, was a profound spiritual encounter that left an indelible mark on the lives of attendees. As believers commanded the day and sought divine intervention, they were equipped with renewed faith, divine direction, and an overwhelming sense of God’s presence. The event exemplified the transformative power of collective prayer and provided a sacred space for spiritual breakthroughs that would reverberate through the days to come.

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