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Mercy Chinwo – Onye


Mercy Chinwo – Onye (Mp3 Download, Lyrics and Video)

In the vibrant tapestry of Nigerian gospel music, Mercy Chinwo stands out as a luminary, and her track “Onye” from the 2020 album “Contemporary Gospel” is a testament to her soul-stirring artistry. As the fourth track in the album, “NeverOnye” invites listeners into a realm where spirituality intertwines seamlessly with melody. Mercy Chinwo, hailing from Nigeria, brings a unique depth to her music, and this song is no exception. The title “NeverOnye” itself, a fusion of English and Igbo languages, translates to “I am not alone” in English, setting the tone for a powerful exploration of faith and companionship.

The song’s composition is a masterclass in blending contemporary gospel with traditional African influences. Mercy Chinwo’s vocals soar with an emotional intensity that is both arresting and comforting. The track weaves together a rich tapestry of instrumentation, incorporating elements of Nigerian highlife and Afrobeat, creating a sound that is both modern and deeply rooted in cultural traditions. The lyrics resonate with themes of divine presence and the unwavering faith that propels individuals through life’s challenges. “NeverOnye” is not merely a song; it’s a spiritual journey set to music, inviting listeners to connect with their faith on a profound level.

Released in 2020, “NeverOnye” continues to make waves in the gospel music scene, cementing Mercy Chinwo’s status as a trailblazer in the genre. The album “Contemporary Gospel” serves as a beacon of innovation within the gospel landscape, and this particular track stands out as a jewel in its crown. As listeners immerse themselves in the enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics of “NeverOnye,” they are transported to a space where the divine meets the contemporary, and the result is nothing short of transcendent.



Mercy Chinwo – Onye Lyrics

Oke mmuo, ogbarankiti okwu juru nonu yaOgbajiri igwe kpoya nkuOnye nwere factory ebe anakpu nwa(Mmuo ka mmuo)Odighi onye dikagiEchete obiesikeAnyi na etogi, anyi nasigi imela

Onye dikagi oh-oh (Onye eh)Onye dikagi oh-oh (Onye eh)Onye dikagi Jesus oh (Onye eh)Onyedika GiOnye dikagi oh-oh (Onye eh)Na eluwa, na eligwe onye (Onye eh)Onye dikagi (Onye eh)Onyedika Gi

Eze ka Eze, Chika dibiaI Love the way the things you doYou always exceed my expectationsOdighi onye, onye, onyeOnye, onye, onyeOnye, onye, onye dikagiOh dikagi Chineke moAmama amasi

Odi onye dikagi (Onye eh)Odi onye dikagi (Onye eh)Odi onye dikagi oh (Onye eh)Onyedika GiOdi onye dikagi oh-oh (Onye eh)Echeta obiesike (Onye eh)Oh Jesus (Onye eh)Onyedika GiOnye (Onye eh)Na eluwa, na eligwe eleh (Onye eh)Odi onye dikagi oh (Onye eh)Onyedika Gi

Echeta Obiesike

Otu onye anasi unuabiala(Onye eh, Onyedika Gi)Odighi onye, onye, onyeOnye, onye, onyeOnye, onye, onye dikagiOh dikagi Chineke mo-o-oAmama amasi

Mmuo ka mmuoMmuo ka mmuo o-o-o(Onye eh, Onyedika Gi)

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