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Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming – Hymn


“Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming,” transcends the realm of a simple hymn, blossoming into a vibrant tapestry of faith, hope, and enduring wonder. Through its blend of evocative imagery, symbolic language, and a timeless melody, the hymn transcends the boundaries of season and tradition, offering a timeless message of hope and redemption.

The opening line, “Lo, how a rose e’er blooming,” sets the stage with a captivating image. The rose, a symbol of beauty and purity, blossoms in the unlikely setting of winter, defying the natural order. This imagery instantly establishes the central theme: the unexpected arrival of hope and faith, even amidst seemingly impossible circumstances. The gentle melody and warm harmonies create a sense of awe and wonder, inviting listeners to contemplate the significance of this symbolic blooming.

While the rose serves as a central image, “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming” transcends the literal interpretation. The flower becomes a powerful symbol of the Virgin Mary, giving birth to Jesus Christ, and the arrival of hope and salvation into the world. Lines like “From tender stem hath sprung a flower” further emphasize the miraculous nature of this event, offering a message of renewal and divine intervention. The music subtly shifts, incorporating elements of choral arrangements and building crescendos, reflecting the growing sense of significance and awe surrounding the birth of Christ.


Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

1 Lo, how a Rose e’er blooming
From tender stem hath sprung!
Of Jesse’s lineage coming
As men of old have sung.
It came, a flower bright,
Amid the cold of winter
When half-gone was the night.

2 Isaiah ’twas foretold it,
The Rose I have in mind:
With Mary we behold it,
The virgin mother kind.
To show God’s love aright
She bore to men a Savior
When half-gone was the night.

3 This Flower, whose fragrance tender
With sweetness fills the air,
Dispels with glorious splendor
The darkness everywhere.
True man, yet very God,
From sin and death He saves us
And lightens every load

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