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Let Us Go To The Altar – Hymn


“Let Us Go to the Altar” is a hymn that beckons believers to approach the sacred altar of God with reverence and devotion. With its solemn melody and heartfelt lyrics, this hymn serves as a call to worship and surrender, inviting believers to draw near to God’s presence with humility and awe. Inspired by Psalm 43:4, which declares, “Then I will go to the altar of God, to God, my joy and my delight,” the hymn exudes a sense of longing and anticipation for communion with the Almighty.

In its verses, “Let Us Go to the Altar” portrays the altar as a sacred place of encounter with God, where believers come to offer their prayers, praises, and sacrifices. It captures the solemnity and significance of approaching God’s presence with reverence and gratitude, acknowledging His holiness and majesty. As believers sing its praises, they are encouraged to approach the altar with sincerity and devotion, laying their hearts before God in worship and adoration.

Moreover, the hymn serves as a source of inspiration and reflection for believers as they prepare to enter into worship. Its timeless message reminds believers of the privilege and responsibility of coming before God’s presence with reverence and awe. Through its solemn melodies and heartfelt lyrics, “Let Us Go to the Altar” becomes a hymn of consecration and commitment, as believers offer themselves as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God.


Let Us Go To The Altar (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

Let us go to the altar of God,
The God of our gladness and joy!
Let us enter the courts of the house of the Lord
And sing to the glory of God.

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Give praise with blast of trumpet,
With noble sound of the horn.
With the clash of the clanging cymbal,
Give glory to the Lord!

Give praise with lyre and timbrel,
With lute and sound of the harp.
With the dance of the flute and oboe,
Give glory to the Lord!

Give praise with pipe and organ,
With rousing beat of the drum.
With the call of the bell and bag pipe,
Give glory to the Lord!

Give praise, all creatures of heaven,
And all that dwell on the earth.
Come to worship the God who made us,
And dance before the Lord!

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