Monday, June 17, 2024

Kevin Downswell – Call Him


Embark on a musical journey with the latest release, “Call Him,” by the talented Kevin Downswell featuring Bounty Killer. Elevate your spirit by downloading the MP3 of this captivating single, and delve into the profound lyrics that accompany it. The official music video, a visual masterpiece, adds an extra layer of depth to this transformative musical experience.

Kevin Downswell, a distinguished Christian/Gospel singer and recording artist, demonstrates his commitment to being a blessing to many through the powerful medium of kingdom music. “Call Him” serves as a testament to his mission, encapsulating not only musical excellence but also a profound message of faith and inspiration.

In addition to the auditory delight of the MP3 download, the lyrics of “Call Him” invite listeners to connect more intimately with the spiritual essence of the song. Kevin Downswell’s collaboration with Bounty Killer brings a unique blend of styles, creating a musical fusion that transcends genre boundaries.


Kevin Downswell – Call Him Lyrics

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