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Keith & Kristyn Getty – Matthew 28:16-20


“Matthew 28:16-20” by Keith and Kristyn Getty is a musical rendition of the Great Commission—a foundational passage in the Christian faith that calls believers to go and make disciples of all nations. With its uplifting melody and powerful lyrics drawn directly from Scripture, the song serves as a reminder of the mission and purpose that Christ has entrusted to His followers.

As the music begins, listeners are drawn into a spirit of reverence and awe, as majestic chords and soaring harmonies create an atmosphere of worship and adoration. Each verse of the song echoes the words of Jesus recorded in Matthew 28:16-20, affirming His authority and commissioning His disciples to carry His message of love and redemption to the ends of the earth.

The chorus of “Matthew 28:16-20” serves as a resounding declaration of the believer’s commitment to fulfill the Great Commission. With each repetition of the refrain, listeners are reminded of their role as ambassadors of Christ, called to share the good news of salvation with all who will listen.

Through their artistry, Keith and Kristyn Getty create a musical experience that transcends time and space, inviting listeners to embrace the call to mission and evangelism that lies at the heart of the Christian faith. The song’s emotive melody and heartfelt lyrics provide a source of inspiration and encouragement, reminding believers of the urgency and importance of sharing the gospel with the world.


Keith & Kristyn Getty – Matthew 28:16-20 Lyrics

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