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Jimmy D Psalmist – Find Me Worthy


“Find Me Worthy” by Jimmy D Psalmist is a soul-stirring declaration of humility and surrender before the Almighty. Through its stirring lyrics and impassioned delivery, the song invites listeners into a place of deep reflection and introspection, as it explores the longing to be found worthy in the eyes of God.

In the opening verse, Jimmy D Psalmist sets the tone with a heartfelt plea for divine acceptance. The lyrics express a profound desire to be seen as worthy in God’s sight, acknowledging the limitations and shortcomings of human frailty. Yet, amidst this acknowledgment, there is a stirring sense of hope and faith, as the singer leans into the promise of God’s grace and mercy.

As the song progresses, the chorus rises in intensity, echoing the longing of the human heart to be found worthy in the sight of the One who created us. With each refrain, the plea deepens, as Jimmy D Psalmist lays bare the depths of his soul before the throne of grace. It’s a raw and vulnerable expression of the universal desire to be accepted and cherished by our Creator.

In the bridge, the song reaches its crescendo, as Jimmy D Psalmist’s impassioned vocals soar to new heights. Here, amidst swirling instrumentation and soaring melodies, the singer cries out in desperation, begging God to search his heart and find him worthy. It’s a moment of profound intimacy and vulnerability, as the singer lays bare his innermost longings before the One who knows him intimately.

In the final verse and chorus, “Find Me Worthy” culminates in a powerful affirmation of faith and trust. Despite the uncertainties and challenges of life, Jimmy D Psalmist affirms his confidence in God’s unfailing love and faithfulness. As the music fades into silence, the song leaves a lingering impression, reminding listeners of the timeless truth that our worth is not found in our own efforts or accomplishments, but in the unmerited grace and love of our Heavenly Father.


Jimmy D Psalmist – Find Me Worthy Lyrics

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