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Jesus, Remember Me – Hymn


“Jesus, Remember Me” is a deeply moving hymn that echoes the plea of the repentant thief on the cross, who beseeched Jesus to remember him in His kingdom. Rooted in the Christian tradition, this sacred composition reflects on the mercy and compassion of Jesus Christ, who extends forgiveness and grace to all who call upon His name. With its haunting melody and heartfelt lyrics, the hymn serves as a powerful expression of contrition and hope in the saving power of Christ.

At the heart of “Jesus, Remember Me” lies a profound acknowledgment of human frailty and the need for divine mercy. The lyrics echo the heartfelt cry of the repentant sinner, who recognizes his own unworthiness and pleads for the remembrance and favor of Jesus. Through its poignant verses and plaintive refrain, the hymn expresses the universal longing for forgiveness and reconciliation with God, inviting believers to humble themselves before the throne of grace.

In addition to its lyrical depth, “Jesus, Remember Me” is accompanied by a haunting melody that enhances its message of repentance and redemption. From the plaintive strains of the opening notes to the plaintive crescendo of the final chorus, the music envelops listeners in a spirit of contrition and surrender, inviting them to lay their burdens at the feet of Jesus and find forgiveness and peace in His loving embrace.


Jesus, Remember Me (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

Jesus, remember me
when you come into your kingdom.
Jesus, remember me
when you come in to your kingdom.

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