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In the divine gathering titled “Jesus Encounter and Prophetic Worship,” Yinka Okeleye, Abbey Ojomu, and Seun Dede collaborate to create an immersive and spiritually enriching worship experience. The event is poised to be a sacred encounter, combining the elements of worship and prophetic expressions to usher participants into a deeper communion with the divine. Yinka Okeleye, known for his soul-stirring worship, joins forces with Abbey Ojomu and Seun Dede to curate an atmosphere of divine presence and revelation.

The encounter promises a unique blend of worship and prophetic expressions, suggesting a multifaceted experience that incorporates both musical worship led by Yinka Okeleye and prophetic insights from Abbey Ojomu and Seun Dede. Attendees can anticipate a transformative journey characterized by heartfelt worship, spiritual revelations, and an intimate connection with the divine. The collaboration between these worship leaders aims to create a sacred space where individuals can experience a profound encounter with Jesus and receive prophetic insights for their spiritual journey.

Musically, the worship segment led by Yinka Okeleye is expected to feature his signature emotive vocals, creating a reverential and uplifting atmosphere. The prophetic aspect, facilitated by Abbey Ojomu and Seun Dede, may involve spoken words, prayers, and insights intended to guide participants on their spiritual paths. The musical and prophetic elements will likely complement each other, creating a seamless flow that enhances the overall worship experience.

Within the context of Christian worship, “Jesus Encounter and Prophetic Worship” with Yinka Okeleye, Abbey Ojomu, and Seun Dede stands as a unique and spiritually enriching event. Attendees are invited to immerse themselves in a holistic worship experience that goes beyond musical expression, incorporating prophetic elements to create a sacred atmosphere of encounter and revelation. The collaboration between these worship leaders signifies a united effort to facilitate a transformative and spiritually charged encounter for those seeking a deeper connection with Jesus.


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