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Jekalyn Carr – Mean Girls ft Leanna Crawford


In the empowering collaboration led by Jekalyn Carr titled “Mean Girls,” featuring Leanna Crawford, these talented artists unite their voices to create a resonant and emotionally charged composition. The title, “Mean Girls,” hints at a theme of overcoming challenges and resilience, drawing inspiration from the struggles faced, particularly by women. Jekalyn Carr, celebrated for her soulful and uplifting gospel music, collaborates with Leanna Crawford to craft a song that becomes not only a declaration of strength but also an anthem of solidarity for those navigating adversity.

Lyrically, the song is expected to delve into themes of overcoming negativity, embracing self-worth, and rising above the impact of hurtful words or actions. Jekalyn Carr and Leanna Crawford’s verses may articulate narratives of empowerment, highlighting the inner strength needed to navigate life’s challenges, especially in the face of judgment or criticism. The choice of language, likely to include emotionally resonant expressions and empowering affirmations, adds depth and authenticity to the lyrical content, creating a tapestry of profound emotional resilience.

Musically, “Mean Girls” is characterized by its emotive melody and empowering arrangement. Jekalyn Carr’s powerful vocals, complemented by Leanna Crawford’s contribution, create a harmonious and emotionally charged sonic experience. The instrumental accompaniment is likely designed to support the themes of empowerment, allowing listeners to connect with the resilience and strength conveyed through the song.

Within the realm of inspirational and empowering music, “Mean Girls” by Jekalyn Carr featuring Leanna Crawford stands as a testament to the artists’ commitment to delivering a message of inner strength and solidarity. The song becomes more than just a musical expression; it transforms into a rallying cry for resilience, encouraging individuals to stand tall and rise above the challenges they may face. Jekalyn Carr and Leanna Crawford’s collaboration serves as a powerful reminder that, through music, artists can inspire and uplift, fostering a sense of empowerment and unity among listeners.


Jekalyn Carr – Mean Girls ft Leanna Crawford Lyrics

Mean girls don’t remember what they said
It’s funny cuz I can’t seem to forget
Their whispers opened up the door
To a world called insecure
No, mean girls don’t remember what they said

Stick and stones may break my bones
But no one ever warned me about words

I smile and I pretend it doesn’t hurt
But the older that I get it just gets worse
Lord, find me and remind me that my worth
Is worth so much more than their words

You say I’m more than their words
So much more than their words

I need you to find
The little girl inside that picture frame
Was smiling cuz she never heard of shame
But now mean girls are the reason why
I change my clothes a thousand times
Before I walk out the door

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