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In The Heart Of Jesus – Hymn


“In The Heart Of Jesus” is a hymn that celebrates the profound love and compassion found in the heart of Jesus Christ. With its melodious tune and heartfelt lyrics, this hymn serves as a poignant reflection on the boundless grace and mercy extended to all who come to Him. Inspired by Ephesians 3:17-19, which speaks of being rooted and established in the love of Christ, the hymn exudes a sense of intimacy and security in the embrace of the Savior.

In its verses, “In The Heart Of Jesus” invites believers to dwell in the sanctuary of Christ’s love, finding refuge and solace in His tender care. It portrays Jesus as the Good Shepherd who gathers His sheep into His fold, protecting and guiding them with unfailing love. As believers sing its praises, they are reminded of the immeasurable depth of Christ’s love and the assurance of His presence in every circumstance.

Moreover, the hymn serves as a source of comfort and encouragement for believers as they navigate the challenges and trials of life. Its timeless message affirms the unchanging nature of Christ’s love, which remains steadfast and sure amidst the storms of life. Through its soothing melodies and reassuring lyrics, “In The Heart Of Jesus” becomes a beacon of hope, guiding believers through the darkest valleys with the promise of His abiding presence.


In The Heart Of Jesus (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

1. In the heart of Jesus, there is love for you,
Love most pure and tender, love most deep and true;
Why should you be lonely, why for friendship sigh,
When the heart of Jesus has a full supply?

2. In the mind of Jesus there is thought for you,
Warm as summer sunshine, sweet as morning dew;
Why should you be fearful, why take anxious thought,
Since the mind of Jesus cares for those He bought?

3. In the field of Jesus there is work for you;
Such as even angels might rejoice to do;
Why stand idly sighing for some life-work grand,
While the field of Jesus seeks your reaping hand?

4. In the home of Jesus there’s a place for you;
Glorious, bright, and joyous, calm and peaceful, too;
Why then, like a wanderer, roam with weary pace,
If the home of Jesus holds for you a place?

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