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Ihuoma Isong – M.E.N.O (Abide)


Ihuoma Isong’s “M.E.N.O (Abide)” is a captivating gospel song that invites listeners into a profound exploration of spiritual devotion and the call to abide in the presence of the Divine. The acronym “M.E.N.O” stands for “My Eternal New Owner,” suggesting a personal and transformative connection with a higher power.

The song carries a deep sense of reverence and surrender, encouraging believers to abide in the divine presence and acknowledge God as the eternal and sovereign guide. The lyrics express a desire to remain steadfast in faith and devotion, finding solace and strength in the unwavering love of the Creator.

Musically, “M.E.N.O (Abide)” features a harmonious blend of soulful vocals and uplifting instrumentation, creating an atmosphere of worship. The composition builds dynamically, mirroring the emotional journey of seeking a constant connection with the divine source. Ihuoma Isong’s heartfelt delivery enhances the spiritual essence of the song, making it a powerful tool for worship and reflection.

The theme of abiding in the divine presence is a recurring motif throughout the song, reinforcing the idea of finding security, peace, and purpose in a steadfast relationship with the Creator. The melodic arrangement complements the reflective nature of the lyrics, providing a melodic backdrop for contemplation and spiritual communion.


Ihuoma Isong – M.E.N.O (Abide) Lyrics

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