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I Come With Joy – Hymn


“I Come With Joy” is a cherished hymn that embodies the joy and gratitude of believers as they gather together to worship and commune with God. Rooted in the biblical principles of unity, fellowship, and thanksgiving, the hymn serves as a heartfelt expression of the Christian journey and the bonds of love that unite believers in Christ.

With its uplifting melody and reverent lyrics, “I Come With Joy” invites worshippers into a sacred space of communion with God and one another. The hymn begins with a declaration of joy and gratitude: “I come with joy, a child of God, Forgiven, loved, and free.” These words reflect the believer’s profound sense of gratitude for the gift of salvation and the freedom found in Christ.

As the hymn progresses, it explores themes of reconciliation, forgiveness, and unity within the body of Christ. Each verse celebrates the diverse gifts and experiences that believers bring to the community of faith, affirming the beauty of God’s diverse creation. The lyrics resound with the joy of fellowship and the shared bond of love that unites believers in Christ.


I Come With Joy (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

I come with joy, a child of God,
forgiven, loved and free,
the life of Jesus to recall,
in love laid down for me.

I come with Christians far and near
to find, as all are fed,
the new community of love
in Christ’s communion bread.

As Christ breaks bread, and bids us share,
each proud division ends.
The love that made us, makes us one,
and strangers now are friends.

The Spirit of the risen Christ,
unseen, but ever near,
is in such friendship better known,
alive among us here.

A cloud of loving witnesses
surrounds us while we sing
as all the saints, forgiven, loved,
immortal praises bring.

Together met, together bound
by all that God has done,
we’ll go with joy, to give the world
the love that makes us one.

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