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Hillsong Young & Free – Freedom Is Coming


In “Freedom Is Coming,” Hillsong Young & Free delivers a powerful anthem that ignites the spirit and stirs the soul with its message of hope and liberation. Through soaring melodies and heartfelt lyrics, the song serves as a beacon of light in times of darkness, inspiring listeners to believe in the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

At its core, “Freedom Is Coming” is a call to action—a rallying cry for justice, equality, and change. With its impassioned vocals and dynamic instrumentation, the song urges listeners to stand up against oppression and injustice, and to work tirelessly towards a world where all are free to live without fear or discrimination.

The lyrics of “Freedom Is Coming” resonate with a sense of urgency and determination, capturing the collective yearning for a better future. From the verses that speak of breaking chains and tearing down walls, to the anthemic chorus that proclaims the arrival of freedom, every word is imbued with a sense of hope and possibility.

The production of “Freedom Is Coming” further amplifies its impact, with pulsating beats and electrifying synths that drive the song forward with relentless energy. From the infectious rhythm to the soaring harmonies, every element of the track is meticulously crafted to uplift and inspire, empowering listeners to believe in the power of collective action and perseverance.


Hillsong Young & Free – Freedom Is Coming Lyrics

There is a promised land
Waiting for me
Sometimes there’s an ocean
That lies in between
I’ll keep on traveling
The path where You’ve been
‘Til I’m right where You want me
That’s where I will be

Freedom is coming
And it has a Name
Oh no room for my chains
Oh You take them away

Freedom is coming
And it has a Name
And it is Jesus
How sweet is the Name

You said it’s for freedom
That I was set free
Now I walk in the victory
That You won for me

And if on the journey there
Are walls that remain
I’ll sing in the promise
You’re making a way

One by one
Chain by chain
Watch them fall
As we lift Your Name

Strongholds break
Sin erased
Washed by grace
In the power of Your Name

Even in the darkest hour
When I lose my way
I have Your Name

Even in the valley low
I won’t be afraid
I have Your Name

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