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Hillsong Chapel – I Will Exalt You (Fijian)


Released in 2024, “I Will Exalt You (Fijian)” by Hillsong Chapel is not just a song, it’s a declaration of devotion. Translated from the original English song, it serves as the vibrant first single for the album “A Call to Worship.” This project features worship songs reimagined in Fijian, Samoan, Tongan, and Maori, celebrating the diverse tapestry of Pacific Island cultures while also extending an open invitation to everyone to join in worshipping the Lord.

Meaningful Lyrics: The Fijian lyrics, penned by Jo Raiwalui, Sam Koliloa, and Iva Koliloa, capture the essence of the original song. The verses, which begin with “Mo Ni rokovi Mo Ni rokovi Mo Ni rokovi Noqu Kalou” (meaning “You are worthy, You are worthy, You are worthy, My God”), establish a foundation of reverence and praise. The chorus, with its powerful lines “Au vakacegui Au maroroi Noqu Yau taudua ga Na noqu i To Na Tui dokai Sa dodonu ga” (meaning “I will find rest, I will find peace, You are the only God, It is right to praise You”), expresses a deep sense of reliance on God and the commitment to honor Him.

Beyond the beautiful melody and translated lyrics, “I Will Exalt You (Fijian)” serves a deeper purpose. It acts as a call to worship, reminding listeners of God’s constant presence and unwavering love, regardless of life’s circumstances. The song encourages individuals to turn to Him in every season, offering praise and finding solace in His presence.

The release of “I Will Exalt You (Fijian)” is more than just a new song; it’s a celebration of Fijian culture and language. By making worship music accessible in the local tongue, Hillsong Chapel fosters a deeper connection with the Fijian community and allows them to express their faith in their own unique way.

While “A Call to Worship” celebrates specific Pacific Island cultures, its core message transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. The album, including “I Will Exalt You (Fijian),” serves as a reminder that the language of faith is universal. It invites people from all walks of life to join in the act of worshipping God, fostering unity and shared devotion.


Hillsong Chapel – I Will Exalt You (Fijian) Lyrics

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