Wednesday, July 17, 2024



Join us for another divine encounter in the Hallelujah Challenge as we embark on Day 8 of February 2024, lifting our praises to the heavens under the anointed leadership of Nathaniel Bassey.

This virtual gathering continues to draw believers from far and wide, uniting us in a powerful atmosphere of worship and prayer that knows no bounds. As we step into this sacred moment, expect hearts to be stirred, and spirits to soar as we exalt the greatness of our God.

Day 8 of the Hallelujah Challenge holds the promise of profound encounters and spiritual breakthroughs. Through the synergy of heartfelt worship and fervent intercession, participants are poised to experience the tangible presence of God in ways that defy explanation. With each note of praise and every fervent prayer, we anticipate divine interventions that bring healing, deliverance, and restoration to our lives and communities. As we unite in faith and expectation, let us prepare our hearts to receive the abundant blessings that await us in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

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