Tuesday, June 18, 2024

GUC – Eyes On Jesus


Minister GUC, the Nigerian gospel powerhouse, has released a brand new song, “Eyes On Jesus,” that’s already stirring hearts and souls. This uplifting anthem, available now, beckons listeners to fix their gaze on the one true source of hope and strength: Jesus Christ.

More than just a catchy tune, “Eyes On Jesus” is a call to action. In a world swirling with anxieties and challenges, the song reminds us that true peace and fulfillment reside only in turning our hearts and minds towards the divine. Minister GUC’s powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics create a space for worship and reflection, gently urging us to surrender our worries and trust in God’s unwavering love.

Whether you’re navigating personal struggles or simply seeking inspiration, “Eyes On Jesus” has a message that resonates deeply. The song’s themes of faith and perseverance offer a soothing balm, reminding us that even in the darkest moments, Jesus remains a constant source of light and guidance. So, close your eyes, listen, and allow Minister GUC’s music to transport you to a place of peace and renewal.


Eyes On Jesus By GUC Lyrics

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