Sunday, June 16, 2024

Grace Jocktane – Descends


Ezee Conceptz recording artist Grace Jocktane has unveiled a divine masterpiece with her latest release: “Descends.”

This ethereal anthem, released in 2024, transcends the boundaries of conventional worship music, offering listeners a transformative experience of divine encounter. As audiences are drawn into its captivating melodies and stirring lyrics, “Descends” stands as a testament to the profound beauty and power of worship.

Since its release, “Descends” has captivated the hearts of listeners around the world, resonating deeply with its message of spiritual awakening and divine encounter. The song’s universal appeal and heartfelt lyrics have sparked conversations about the power of worship to uplift and inspire.


Video: Grace Jocktane – Descends

Lyrics: Grace Jocktane – Descends

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