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Gap Worship – When God Walks In /When The Glory Comes


“When God Walks In / When The Glory Comes” by Gap Worship is not just a song, it’s an experience. Opening with a captivating instrumental intro, it builds anticipation, leaving listeners yearning for the transformative presence of God. The song, released live from a conference, captures the raw emotion and fervent worship that often characterize such gatherings.

The use of lighting in the song is significant. The video begins with a darkened stage, symbolizing the human experience of navigating through challenges and uncertainties. As the song progresses, the lyrics “When God walks in everything changes” ring out, accompanied by a dramatic shift in lighting. The stage illuminates, showcasing the transformative power of God’s presence and the hope it brings.

The lyrics, penned by Peterson Okopi and Dunsin Oyekan, are a potent blend of surrender and adoration. Lines like “I surrender all, I am available” and “Let this place be filled with your glory” express a heartfelt desire to be completely yielded to God’s will and experience the fullness of His presence.

The song transcends individual worship, offering a glimpse into a shared experience of communal praise. The powerful vocals, supported by the energy of the live audience, create an atmosphere of unity and collective worship. The song becomes a catalyst for individuals to join together in lifting their voices in praise and adoration.

Beyond the captivating music and lyrics, “When God Walks In / When The Glory Comes” extends an invitation. It invites listeners to seek their own encounter with God’s presence. Whether individually or as part of a community, the song encourages us to open our hearts and experience the transformative power of His glory.


Gap Worship – When God Walks In /When The Glory Comes Lyrics

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