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Gabriel Eziashi – EKENE


“Ekene (Lifted)” by Gabriel Eziashi is a soul-stirring composition that embodies the essence of gratitude and praise. With Gabriel Eziashi’s captivating vocals and heartfelt lyrics, the song delivers a powerful message of thanksgiving and elevation.

Translated as “Lifted,” “Ekene” celebrates the faithfulness and goodness of the Almighty, acknowledging His hand in lifting us above life’s challenges and granting us victory. The song’s melodious arrangement and emotive delivery create an atmosphere of reverence and joy, inviting listeners to join in the chorus of praise.

Listeners are drawn into a deeper reflection on their journey and are encouraged to express gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon them. Through “Ekene (Lifted),” Gabriel Eziashi inspires believers to embrace hope and optimism, knowing that God’s faithfulness will lift them to greater heights.

Accessible for download on, “Ekene (Lifted)” offers listeners a transformative musical experience, allowing them to immerse themselves in its uplifting message of faith and gratitude. This musical masterpiece serves as a reminder of the boundless goodness of the Most High and the transformative power of praise.


Gabriel Eziashi – EKENE Lyrics

It all began through the womb of hopelessness
Not knowing what tomorrow has in store
But through it all I hear a voice
Whispering so loud there’s more to life than this
I’ve made a way just for you to walk
Walk upon My promise
And constantly shout
O o o odironye dikaghi
Chukwuku na gwuzo
Ekene diri gi
O o o odironye dikaghi
Onye na gwuzo
Ekene diri gi
Oh oh oh oh
Like a dawning light at the start of the day
We are meant to shine brighter and brighter
But now and here yesterday is gone
Tomorrow will be greater
As there’s more to life
You are meant to rise
Walk upon the clouds
Soar beyond the stars
And you can say
O o o ekene diri gi ekene diri gi
Chukwuku na gwuzo
Mmama diri gi
Oh oh o o o ekene diri gi ekene diri gi
Onye na gwuzo
Oh oh mmama diri gi
Ohooo o o o ekene diri gi
Ekene diri gi Chukwuku na gwuzo Chinomoso
Nmama diri ji Nonomso hinomso
Oh oh oh oh o o o ekene diri gi I will worship You forever
Onye na gwuzo giving You all I know
Mmama diri gi
So I can say mmama
Mma ma diri mma ma
Mma ma Jehovah mo mma ma mmama deli
Mma ma onye nwemo mma ma
Mma ma oh Papa mma ma
Mma ma dili onyewemo mma ma
Mma ma the mma ma the Lifter of my head
Mma ma mma ma dili onyewemo
Mma ma mma ma oooohuu
Mma ma I’ll give You all I have mma ma
Mma ma mma ma give You all I own
Mma ma mma ma You’ve been my Strength
Mma ma mma ma all the days of my life oo
Mma ma mma ma You alone our God
Mma ma mma ma none beside You
Mma ma mma ma You are the Leader of my life
Mma ma mma ma oh oh oh
Ekene diri gi
Chukwuku na gwuzo
Mmama diri gi
Oooh oo ekene diri gi
Aka na gwuzo
Mmama diri gi

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