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Father Let Me Dedicate/ Be Glorified – Hymn


“Father, Let Me Dedicate/Be Glorified” is a powerful hymn that expresses a heartfelt desire for consecration and surrender to the will of God. With its stirring melody and profound lyrics, this hymn serves as a prayerful expression of devotion and commitment to living a life that brings glory to the Father.

The opening lines of the hymn set the tone for a heart-to-heart conversation with God, as the singer earnestly seeks divine guidance and empowerment to live a life of purpose and service. The lyrics speak of a deep longing to be used by God for His kingdom’s work and to reflect His love and grace to the world.

As the song progresses, it delves into the themes of surrender and consecration, inviting listeners to lay down their own ambitions and desires at the feet of the Father. It acknowledges the need for God’s strength and guidance in every aspect of life, recognizing that true fulfillment and purpose are found in living according to His will.

Throughout the verses, “Father, Let Me Dedicate/Be Glorified” offers words of praise and adoration for the greatness of God and His unwavering faithfulness. It celebrates the transformative power of His love and grace, which empowers believers to live lives that honor and glorify Him.


Father Let Me Dedicate/ Be Glorified (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

Father let me dedicate all this life to Thee
In whatever worldly state Thou would have me be
Not from sorrow, pain or care, freedom dare I claim
This alone shall be my prayer, glorify Thy name

Can a child presume to choose where or how to live?
Can a Father’s love refuse all the best to give?
Let my glad heart, while it sings, There in all proclaim
And, whatever the future brings, glorify Thy Name

Be glorified in me, be glorified
Be glorified in me, be glorified

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