Saturday, June 15, 2024

Evang Emmanuel IHueze – We have a Living God


The expert orchestration of musical dynamics by Evang Emmanuel IHueze adds layers of depth and emotion to the performance.

The arrangement, the strategic use of instrumentation, and the seamless transitions between contemplative and celebratory moments contribute to a multi-faceted listening experience. The live instrumentation enhances the authenticity of the moment, creating a sonic landscape that complements the emotional richness of the song.

In the aftermath of experiencing “We Have a Living God,” a lingering spirit of faith and assurance permeates the atmosphere.

The song becomes a catalyst for personal reflection, encouraging listeners to embrace the reality of having a living God who is actively involved in their lives. Evang Emmanuel IHueze’s composition transcends the boundaries of conventional gospel music, becoming a transformative and communal encounter that resonates with the universal themes of faith, trust, and the heartfelt expression of worship.

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Evang Emmanuel IHueze – We have a Living God Lyrics

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