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E’mPRAISE INC. – BRA (Come Holy Spirit) Ft. Alexandrah


“BRA (Come Holy Spirit)” by E’mPRAISE INC. featuring Alexandrah is a captivating musical composition that serves as an invitation for the divine presence of the Holy Spirit. The song is a soulful and heartfelt expression of worship, drawing listeners into a sacred atmosphere of praise and adoration.

The title “BRA,” meaning “Come” in this context, sets the tone for the song as a fervent call for the Holy Spirit to manifest and move in the midst of the worshipers. The collaboration between E’mPRAISE INC. and Alexandrah brings a unique blend of vocal prowess and musical arrangement, creating an immersive experience for those engaging with the song.

Musically, “BRA (Come Holy Spirit)” is characterized by its uplifting melody, harmonious vocals, and a rich instrumental arrangement that includes elements of contemporary gospel music. The song’s rhythm and arrangement contribute to its dynamic and engaging nature, making it suitable for congregational worship, personal reflection, or spiritual meditation.

The lyrics of the song delve into themes of surrender, acknowledging the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and the desire for His presence to bring renewal and revival. The repetition of the invitation to “Come Holy Spirit” serves as a mantra, emphasizing the longing for a deeper connection with the divine.

Alexandrah’s featured contribution adds depth to the song, complementing E’mPRAISE INC.’s vocal and musical style. Together, they create a synergy that enhances the overall worship experience, making “BRA (Come Holy Spirit)” a compelling and spiritually resonant piece.

The song’s impact extends beyond its musical elements, as it becomes a vessel for listeners to express their faith and devotion. Whether experienced in a congregational setting or during personal moments of worship, “BRA (Come Holy Spirit)” encourages a sense of reverence and openness to the divine presence.


E’mPRAISE INC. – BRA (Come Holy Spirit) Ft. Alexandrah Lyrics

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