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Ellie Holcomb – Where Can I Go – Psalm 139


In the rich tapestry of contemporary Christian music, Ellie Holcomb shines as a beacon of faith and authenticity, her soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics resonating with believers around the world. With her latest release, “Where Can I Go – Psalm 139,” Ellie invites listeners on a spiritual journey, drawing inspiration from the timeless words of scripture to craft a song of praise and reflection.

“Where Can I Go – Psalm 139” is a poignant meditation on the omnipresence and omniscience of God, echoing the sentiments of the beloved psalm. Through its gentle melody and stirring harmonies, the song serves as a reminder of God’s unfailing love and steadfast presence in our lives, even in the darkest of times.

Ellie Holcomb’s music is rooted in her deep faith and personal relationship with God, drawing from her own experiences of joy, sorrow, and redemption to create music that speaks to the heart and soul. With her warm, emotive vocals and honest lyrics, she invites listeners to journey alongside her as she explores the depths of her faith and the mysteries of God’s love.

At the heart of “Where Can I Go – Psalm 139” lies a message of hope and reassurance, reminding listeners that they are never alone, no matter where life may lead them. Through its gentle reassurances and stirring affirmations, the song offers solace and comfort to all who are struggling, reminding them that they are cherished and beloved by their Creator.


Ellie Holcomb – Where Can I Go – Psalm 139 Lyrics

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