Sunday, June 16, 2024

Dunsin Oyekan – Nation worship 2024 live ministration


Dunsin Oyekan’s live ministration titled “Nation Worship 2024” promises to be an extraordinary and spiritually uplifting experience. In this upcoming event, attendees can anticipate an immersive and soul-stirring worship session led by the renowned gospel artist, Dunsin Oyekan.

The gathering aims to create a sacred atmosphere where individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to worship and seek divine intervention for their nations.

During this live ministration, Dunsin Oyekan is expected to deliver heartfelt and powerful renditions of worship songs, creating an atmosphere conducive to spiritual reflection and connection. The event serves as a platform for believers to unite in prayer and praise, fostering a sense of unity and collective faith.

Participants can expect an encounter with the divine as they engage in a worship experience that transcends individual boundaries and emphasizes the importance of lifting up nations in prayer.


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