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Dr Paul Enenche – You Alone Are God


In a powerful declaration of faith and worship, the esteemed Dr. Paul Enenche unveils the soul-stirring composition titled “You Alone Are God.” This song transcends mere melody; it becomes a resounding proclamation of God’s sovereignty and majesty. Dr. Paul Enenche, known for his anointed worship and impactful messages, delivers a poignant and emotive piece with “You Alone Are God.”

The lyrics of the song delve into the magnificence of God, emphasizing His unrivaled position as the Almighty. “You Alone Are God” serves as a lyrical journey through awe and reverence, highlighting the divine attributes that set God apart. Dr. Paul Enenche’s soul-stirring vocals and the carefully crafted arrangement create an atmosphere of worship, inviting listeners to join in the acknowledgment of God’s exclusive reign.

As a prominent figure in gospel music and ministry, Dr. Paul Enenche consistently delivers songs that resonate with believers globally. “You Alone Are God” is a testament to his commitment to conveying profound messages through the medium of music. The song stands as an invitation to magnify and exalt the Creator, recognizing His unmatched greatness and lordship over all.

Listeners are encouraged to immerse themselves in the worshipful lyrics and the emotive soundscape of “You Alone Are God.” It goes beyond being just a song; it becomes a spiritual encounter, an opportunity to declare the sovereignty of God, and a moment of surrender before the One who alone deserves all glory and honor. As you engage with “You Alone Are God” by Dr. Paul Enenche, let the melody be a conduit for worship, a celebration of the divine, and a declaration of God’s unmatched supremacy.


Dr Paul Enenche – You Alone Are God Lyrics

You alone are God

there is none like you.

you alone are God.

There is none besides you.

Xrus: You alone are worthy to be praised

so worthy to be praised

And I will give you praise (3x)

2. You have made the earth

for your Glory God.

You have made all things

for your pleasure Lord(2x)

3. You made me for you.

to show forth your praise

and I live my life

To show forth your praise

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