Thursday, July 18, 2024

Dr Paul Enenche – Preserved by Love for God Sermon


Dr. Paul Enenche’s sermon titled “Preserved by Love for God” is likely to be a spiritually enriching message that explores the theme of divine preservation through a deep and abiding love for God. Dr. Enenche, known for his dynamic preaching style and pastoral leadership, is expected to delve into the profound concept of how love for God serves as a powerful force in preserving individuals in their spiritual journey.

The sermon may commence by establishing the foundational importance of love for God in the life of a believer. Dr. Enenche may draw extensively from biblical passages that highlight the centrality of love as a core principle in the Christian faith. Emphasizing the love of God as the catalyst for divine preservation, he may encourage the audience to cultivate a sincere and unwavering love for the Almighty.

A central focus of the sermon is likely to be on the ways in which love for God contributes to the preservation of individuals in various aspects of their lives. Dr. Enenche may explore the scriptural promises of God’s protection and guidance for those who wholeheartedly love and trust Him. The audience may gain insights into how a deepened love for God serves as a shield against the challenges and adversities of life.

The sermon may also touch upon practical expressions of love for God, including obedience to His commandments, commitment to prayer and worship, and a lifestyle characterized by faith and righteousness. Dr. Enenche may provide real-life examples and anecdotes to illustrate the transformative power of love for God in preserving believers from harm and leading them into a purposeful and fulfilled life.


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