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Dr Paul Enenche – LOVE LOVE LOVE


In a harmonious and uplifting musical creation, the revered Dr. Paul Enenche introduces the soul-soothing composition titled “Love Love Love.” Beyond being a title, this song becomes a celebration of love in all its dimensions. Dr. Paul Enenche, known for his anointed worship and impactful messages, delivers a heartwarming and joyful piece that exudes the essence of love.

The lyrics of “Love Love Love” delve into the multifaceted aspects of love—divine love, human love, and the profound impact love has on the lives of individuals. Dr. Paul Enenche’s impassioned vocals, coupled with a harmonious musical arrangement, create an atmosphere of celebration and warmth. Listeners are invited to join in this lyrical journey, embracing gratitude, joy, and the recognition of love as a unifying force.

As a pastor, author, and prolific gospel artist, Dr. Paul Enenche consistently delivers songs that resonate with believers globally. “Love Love Love” is a testament to his commitment to conveying powerful messages through the medium of music. The song stands as an invitation to embrace and share love—a declaration of the transformative power of love in various aspects of life.

This musical piece is more than a song; it becomes a vessel for a celebration of love, an opportunity to reflect on the significance of love in one’s life, and a joyful acknowledgment of the unifying and healing power of love in the world. As you engage with “Love Love Love” by Dr. Paul Enenche, let the melody become a source of inspiration and a reminder of the universal language that connects hearts—the language of love.


Dr Paul Enenche – LOVE LOVE LOVE Lyrics

1.I want to love and love and love Lord like you do

For your capacity to love cannot run out

You’re never tired of caring for those you love

I am here to praise you for loving the way you do



Your love has made a world of difference in my life

I was that stone that was rejected by the world

But when you placed your living hands upon my life, you lifted me above the words and will of men


2. I want to love and love and love Lord like you do

For when you love someone you love them all the way

You give the best to all those that you love

I want to thank you for loving me like you do


You lifted meeeee, You lifted meeeee, You lifted meeeeee, You lifted meeeeeeee, You lifted me above the words and will of men

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