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Dr Paul Enenche – I Need To Hear Your Voice


In a captivating and soul-stirring musical release, Dr. Paul Enenche presents “I Need To Hear Your Voice,” a heartfelt composition that transcends the boundaries of melody and lyricism. Known for his anointed worship and impactful ministry, Dr. Paul Enenche invites listeners into a sacred space of communion and connection with the divine through this compelling song.

The lyrics of “I Need To Hear Your Voice” articulate a deep yearning for the voice of God—an intimate desire to experience the guidance, comfort, and transformative power that emanate from divine utterance. Dr. Paul Enenche’s emotive vocals, coupled with a carefully arranged melody, create an atmosphere of vulnerability and surrender, inviting listeners to join in this spiritual journey.

As a pastor, author, and prolific gospel artist, Dr. Paul Enenche consistently uses his musical talents to convey profound messages. “I Need To Hear Your Voice” stands as a testament to his commitment to creating music that resonates with the human spirit and draws individuals into a deeper relationship with the Creator.

This musical piece is more than a song; it is an invitation to a personal encounter with the divine. Listeners are encouraged to immerse themselves in the worshipful lyrics and allow the music to become a conduit for spiritual connection. “I Need To Hear Your Voice” is not merely an auditory experience; it’s a call to experience the transformative impact of encountering the voice of the Almighty.


Dr Paul Enenche – I Need To Hear Your Voice Lyrics

Lord I need your voice above all other needs lord I need to hear you so desperately I need your voice your voice your presence is unsure

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