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Dominion By Power by Apostle Michael Orokpo (Sermon)


In the compelling sermon titled “Dominion By Power” by Apostle Michael Orokpo, the speaker delves into a profound exploration of the concept of dominion and its connection to the transformative power available to believers. Known for his insightful teachings, Apostle Michael Orokpo imparts spiritual wisdom and guidance to listeners, unraveling the principles and dynamics behind attaining dominion through the infusion of divine power.

The title, “Dominion By Power,” succinctly encapsulates the core theme of the sermon—an in-depth study of the spiritual authority and influence that believers can exercise through the manifestation of God’s power in their lives. Apostle Michael Orokpo’s articulate delivery and deep insights create a compelling narrative, providing listeners with not only theological understanding but also practical strategies for walking in dominion through the empowering presence of God.

Throughout the sermon, Apostle Michael Orokpo unfolds a rich tapestry of teachings, exploring the nature of dominion, the role of divine power, and the responsibilities that come with exercising spiritual authority. This includes insights into prayer, spiritual warfare, and a deep reliance on the Holy Spirit, offering a holistic understanding of the elements that contribute to dominion by power.

As the sermon progresses, it transcends the realm of theoretical discourse, transforming into a spiritual guide that prompts introspection and encourages listeners to actively engage in the journey towards dominion. Apostle Michael Orokpo’s passion and clarity in delivering the sermon contribute to creating an atmosphere that invites individuals to consider the transformative potential of embracing divine power for a life characterized by dominion.

In “Dominion By Power,” Apostle Michael Orokpo skillfully combines biblical wisdom with practical application, offering a sermon that not only imparts spiritual knowledge but also equips individuals with actionable insights for living a life marked by spiritual authority. The sermon stands as a testament to the speaker’s ability to convey profound spiritual truths and inspire believers to walk in dominion through the universal medium of sermonic discourse.


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