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Dena Mwana – Affranchis (Bana Nzambe) Ft. Glorya Reliques


Dena Mwana and Glorya Reliques, two powerhouse vocalists in the realm of gospel music, unite their talents in “Affranchis (Bana Nzambe).” Known for their soul-stirring performances and unwavering faith, these artists bring a message of liberation and empowerment to audiences worldwide through their collaboration on this uplifting track.

Translated as “Liberated (Children of God),” “Affranchis (Bana Nzambe)” embodies the spirit of freedom and redemption found in the Christian faith. Through stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Dena Mwana and Glorya Reliques invite listeners to embrace their identity as cherished children of God, liberated from the chains of fear and doubt.

In “Affranchis (Bana Nzambe),” Dena Mwana and Glorya Reliques showcase the transformative power of collaboration. Their voices intertwine seamlessly, creating a harmonious blend that elevates the song to new heights. Through their shared passion for music and ministry, these artists demonstrate the strength that comes from unity and solidarity in spreading messages of hope and inspiration.

Backed by uplifting melodies and soulful instrumentation, “Affranchis (Bana Nzambe)” captivates listeners with its musical brilliance and spiritual depth. Dena Mwana’s powerful vocals, coupled with Glorya Reliques’ soul-stirring delivery, evoke a sense of reverence and awe, drawing listeners into a deeper connection with their faith and spirituality.


Dena Mwana – Affranchis (Bana Nzambe) Ft. Glorya Reliques Lyrics

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