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Deitrick Haddon – Spiritual High (Joy)


Deitrick Haddon’s “Spiritual High (Joy)” isn’t just a song; it’s an electrifying experience that ignites the spirit and celebrates the contagious power of joy. Through his signature soulful vocals and infectious rhythms, Haddon delivers a message that transcends religious boundaries, inviting listeners to embrace the transformative power of joy and allow it to elevate their spirits.

The song explodes onto the scene with a captivating introduction. Uplifting melodies and driving beats immediately set the tone for a joyous celebration. Lines like, “Let the music take control, let your spirit take flight,” serve as a call to action, urging listeners to shed inhibitions and embrace the uplifting energy of the music.

As the song progresses, the lyrics shift to, “There’s a joy that lives inside, deeper than the deepest tide.” This powerful statement delves beyond superficial happiness, highlighting the profound nature of true joy. Haddon suggests that joy is not merely a fleeting emotion, but an inherent part of our being, waiting to be awakened. This message resonates with anyone seeking a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose in their lives.

“Spiritual High (Joy)” isn’t simply an individual experience; it fosters a sense of community and shared celebration. Lines like, “Hands up high, let the spirit fly, let the whole world know we’re feelin’ alive,” create a sense of unity and collective joy. Haddon encourages listeners to raise their hands and voices together, transforming the song into a shared expression of faith and jubilation. This message of unity transcends religious and cultural boundaries, reminding us that the power of joy can connect us all.


Deitrick Haddon – Spiritual High (Joy) Lyrics

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