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Deitrick Haddon – GOD MADE


In Deitrick Haddon’s vibrant “GOD MADE,” soulful vocals intertwine with a joyful melody to celebrate the vastness and wonder of creation. The song isn’t just a musical piece; it’s a captivating tapestry woven with lyrics that capture the awe and gratitude we feel when contemplating the divine hand behind the universe’s magnificent tapestry.

Haddon opens with a simple yet powerful declaration: “Every mountain, every valley, every star, every sea.” These opening lines paint a vivid picture of creation’s vastness, inviting listeners to marvel at the intricate details and boundless scope of the world around us. His voice carries a sense of wonder and appreciation, drawing attention to the beauty and complexity inherent in every aspect of nature.

The song isn’t merely an ode to nature’s beauty; it delves deeper, highlighting the divine source behind it all. Lyrics like, “God made the sunshine, God made the rain, God made the whole world, ain’t nothin’ in vain,” offer a clear and direct message. Haddon emphasizes the role of God as the creator and architect of everything we witness, fostering a sense of reverence and gratitude for the divine presence that permeates our world.

Haddon masterfully weaves elements of praise and worship into the song’s fabric. Lines like, “Let’s lift our voices, sing His praise, for the wonders of His ways,” transition the song from simply acknowledging God’s creation to actively celebrating his power and glory. This shift invites listeners to join in a collective expression of praise and thanksgiving, fostering a sense of community and shared devotion.


Deitrick Haddon – GOD MADE Lyrics

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