Monday, April 22, 2024

David Dam – There is PROPHECY over me ministration at Koinonia Global


David Dam’s recent ministration, “There is PROPHECY over me,” at Koinonia Global has left a profound impact on attendees, stirring hearts and igniting a renewed sense of purpose and destiny. With his powerful vocals and anointing, David Dam ushered in an atmosphere of divine presence, where the prophetic word flowed freely and souls were awakened to their true calling.

From the moment David Dam took the stage, there was a tangible sense of anticipation in the air. His commanding presence and anointed voice immediately captured the attention of all who were present, drawing them into a sacred space of worship and encounter. As he began to sing, the atmosphere shifted, and hearts were opened to receive the prophetic word that was about to be released.

With each verse and chorus, David Dam’s ministration built in intensity, as the prophetic anointing flowed through him with power and authority. His words carried a weight of divine revelation, speaking directly to the hearts of those in attendance and unlocking hidden truths and destinies. As he sang of the prophecies spoken over him, there was a sense of alignment and activation in the spirit realm, as individuals began to step into the fullness of their God-given potential.


David Dam – There is PROPHECY over me live ministration at Koinonia Global

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