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Crowning Jewel Of Creation – Hymn


“Crowning Jewel of Creation” is a hymn that celebrates the unique and cherished place of humanity in God’s grand design. With its captivating melody and poignant lyrics, this hymn invites believers to reflect on the inherent dignity and value bestowed upon them by their Creator. Inspired by Psalm 8:5, which proclaims, “You [God] crowned them with glory and honor,” the hymn exudes a sense of awe and reverence for the divine handiwork displayed in each human life.

In its verses, “Crowning Jewel of Creation” exalts humanity as the pinnacle of God’s creative expression, fashioned in His image and endowed with purpose and significance. It portrays each individual as a masterpiece of God’s design, uniquely crafted and imbued with divine potential. As believers sing its praises, they are reminded of their intrinsic worth and the profound love with which they were created.

Moreover, the hymn serves as a source of affirmation and encouragement for believers as they navigate the complexities of life. Its timeless message affirms the value of every human life, regardless of circumstance or status, and underscores the importance of treating others with dignity and respect. Through its uplifting lyrics and inspiring melodies, “Crowning Jewel of Creation” becomes a rallying cry for justice, compassion, and solidarity among all God’s children.


Crowning Jewel Of Creation (Christian Hymn) Lyrics

1 Crowning jewel of creation,
Blest and hallowed, sanctified;
Time and changes all transcending,
Shared forever, glorified.

Blessed Sabbath made for man,
Gift from the Creator’s hand.

2 Sin and sickness, prayer and weeping
Cease at close of earthly days;
But Thy Sabbath is eternal,
Joyful thanks to Thee we raise!

3 Teach us Lord, in storm or sunshine
How to truly rest in Thee,
May Thy Sabbath peace enfold us
And our shelter ever be.

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