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Christopher Mwahangila – Ijulikane


In the rich tapestry of Tanzanian gospel music, Christopher Mwahangila’s name shines brightly as a luminary, and his song “Ijulikane” stands as a testament to his musical prowess and spiritual insight.

Translated as “Let It Be Known” in English, this powerful anthem calls upon believers to boldly proclaim their faith and devotion to God. Mwahangila’s emotive vocals and stirring melodies create an atmosphere charged with spiritual energy, inspiring listeners to declare their allegiance to the divine with unwavering confidence.

“Ijulikane” resonates with a sense of urgency, urging believers to shine their light in a world often shrouded in darkness. Mwahangila’s lyrics encourage listeners to step into their true identity as children of God and to live lives that reflect His love and grace. Through his music, Mwahangila ignites a spark of passion and purpose in the hearts of his audience, empowering them to make a tangible impact in their communities and beyond.

At its core, “Ijulikane” embodies the timeless message of the gospel – to share the good news of salvation and redemption with all who will listen. Mwahangila’s impassioned delivery and poignant lyrics serve as a call to action, challenging believers to break free from the shackles of fear and doubt and to boldly proclaim the truth of God’s love to the world. With each verse, the song becomes a rallying cry for a generation of believers unafraid to stand up and be counted as ambassadors for Christ.


Christopher Mwahangila – Ijulikane Lyrics

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