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Christafariband – He Reigns


“He Reigns” by Christafari is a powerful gospel track that celebrates the sovereignty and majesty of God. As one of the leading bands in contemporary Christian reggae, Christafari infuses their music with infectious rhythms and uplifting messages, and “He Reigns” is no exception. Released as part of their album “Reggae Worship: A Roots Revival,” this song is a vibrant expression of praise and worship that resonates with believers around the world.

From the moment the music begins, “He Reigns” captivates with its irresistible reggae groove and uplifting melody. Christafari’s signature sound, characterized by rhythmic guitar riffs and pulsating basslines, creates an atmosphere of celebration and joy. The vocals, led by founder and frontman Mark Mohr, are filled with passion and conviction as they declare the greatness of God’s reign.

As the song unfolds, the lyrics paint a vivid picture of God’s sovereignty over all creation. Each verse is a proclamation of His power and glory, reminding listeners of His faithfulness and love. The chorus becomes a joyful declaration of praise, inviting all who hear to join in the celebration of God’s reign over the earth.

“He Reigns” is more than just a song; it’s a call to worship and a declaration of faith. Through its powerful lyrics and infectious melody, the song inspires believers to lift their voices in adoration and surrender to the King of kings. Christafari’s energetic delivery serves as a reminder that God’s reign is eternal and His love knows no bounds.


christafariband – He Reigns Lyrics

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