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Chris McClarney – You Are The One


In the opening notes of Chris McClarney’s “You Are The One,” a gentle melody unfolds, inviting you to surrender to a quiet joy. Unlike a triumphant anthem, this song isn’t about grand declarations; it’s about embracing a love that soothes the soul and anchors the spirit.

McClarney’s voice, warm and sincere, weaves a tapestry of gratitude. He sings of a love that transcends fleeting infatuation, a love that has “shown the way,” offering solace and direction in the midst of life’s uncertainties. “How I love You,” he repeats, each note carrying the weight of genuine adoration.

As the song progresses, the melody shifts subtly, reflecting a deeper understanding of this love. The lyrics speak of being “lost,” but finding guidance in the divine presence. “You showed me truth,” McClarney sings, acknowledging the transformative power of this love that dispels shadows and illuminates the path ahead.

But “You Are The One” isn’t just about personal transformation. It whispers of a love that extends beyond individual boundaries. The music swells, voices harmonize, creating a sense of shared connection. The repeated refrain, “You are the one,” becomes a collective declaration, uniting listeners in their faith and reminding them that they are not alone in their experience of this love.


Chris McClarney – You Are The One Lyrics

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