Thursday, July 18, 2024

CHEE – Holy is Your Name ft Dunsin Oyekan


“CHEE – Holy is Your Name ft Dunsin Oyekan” is a captivating gospel song collaboration between CHEE, a talented Nigerian gospel artist, and Dunsin Oyekan, a renowned worship leader and musician known for his deep spiritual songs.

The song “Holy is Your Name” is a worship anthem that exalts the holiness and majesty of God. It features heartfelt lyrics that magnify God’s greatness and sovereignty, emphasizing His glory and worthiness of praise. The title itself underscores the reverence and adoration conveyed throughout the song.

CHEE, whose full name is Chidinma Ndukwe, is celebrated for her powerful vocals and passionate delivery in gospel music. She brings her unique style and emotive voice to “Holy is Your Name,” adding depth and sincerity to the worship experience. Her ability to convey worship through music resonates with listeners, drawing them into a place of reverence and awe before God.


Video: CHEE – Holy is Your Name ft Dunsin Oyekan

Lyrics: CHEE – Holy is Your Name ft Dunsin Oyekan

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