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CeCe Winans – You’Re The One


In her heartfelt composition, “You’re the One,” CeCe Winans tenderly expresses a deep sense of gratitude and devotion towards a cherished loved one. Through her soulful voice and poignant lyrics, Winans weaves a touching narrative of love and appreciation, capturing the essence of a profound connection. With emotive melodies and heartfelt harmonies, she invites listeners on a journey of heartfelt affection, celebrating the significance of this special relationship.

“You’re the One” transcends mere music; it serves as a heartfelt tribute—a declaration of love and commitment. From the very first note, Winans’ soul-stirring voice envelops the listener, creating an atmosphere of warmth and tenderness. Each lyric is infused with a sense of admiration and adoration, as Winans expresses her deep affection and gratitude for the presence of this beloved individual in her life.

Throughout the song, Winans’ lyrics paint a vivid picture of the depth and beauty of the bond shared with this special person. It’s a message of love—a celebration of the unique connection and shared experiences. With each verse, Winans invites listeners to join her in acknowledging and cherishing the profound impact of this relationship, knowing that it is a source of joy and fulfillment.


CeCe Winans – You’Re The One Lyrics

Early morning when I wake
I come in to meet You in our special place
To get alone with You oh
You’re the only One my heart beats for

I fell in love with You
When I was just a child I even knew
back then You were my bestfriend by far
You’re the only One my heart beats for, beats for

Everything deep within me honors You
I’m grateful that I know the truth
For You are God, God alone
You’re the only One my heart beats for
I asked You in my heart
You came in and saved my life forgave me
of all my sins and now I owe You
You’re the only One my heart beats for

No matter where I go or what I do
Your love is there to guide me
And if this world should pass
I know Your love will find me,ohhhhh

I’m happy that You gave me peace
Because I trust Your arms to hold me
When I’m weak, You’re always strong
You’re the only One my heart beats for
You’re the only One

Help me share with others all about You
And what we have so they
Can experience this love and know why
You’re the only One my heart beats for

Time cannot endure
Your word,Your promises are sure
You promise paradise with You
oh You’re the only One my heart beats for
My heart beats for
oh You’re the only One my heart beats for

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