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CeCe Winans – What About You


CeCe Winans, an icon in the realm of gospel music, delivers a soul-stirring anthem with her latest release, “What About You.” From the very first chord, listeners are enveloped in a wave of emotion as CeCe’s powerful vocals carry the weight of the song’s profound message. “What About You” serves as more than just a melody; it’s a call to introspection, a poignant reminder to reflect on one’s actions and contributions to the world.

With each verse, CeCe Winans masterfully weaves together a narrative of compassion and empathy, urging listeners to consider the impact of their choices on those around them. The lyrics resonate with sincerity and depth, inviting listeners to examine their hearts and strive for a greater sense of understanding and connection with others. Through her music, CeCe Winans encourages listeners to embrace empathy and kindness as guiding principles in their interactions with the world.

As the music swells and the chorus resounds, a sense of conviction washes over the listener. CeCe Winans’s impassioned delivery carries a powerful message of accountability, challenging listeners to take responsibility for their actions and to strive for positive change. In a world marked by division and strife, “What About You” becomes a rallying cry for unity and compassion, inspiring listeners to be agents of love and reconciliation in their communities.

In the midst of life’s complexities and challenges, “What About You” serves as a beacon of hope and encouragement. Through her music, CeCe Winans reminds listeners that they have the power to make a difference in the lives of others, one act of kindness at a time. With each chorus, she invites listeners to embrace the transformative power of love and empathy, knowing that even the smallest gestures can have a profound impact on the world around them.


CeCe Winans – What About You Lyrics

Everybody’s looking for a peace that flows
And everybody wants a place to go
Nobody wants to kneel and pray

So nobody receives results without faith
When someone falls along the wayside
And everybody knows why
Another heart sadly broken

Everybody needs someone to love
Everybody wants some hand to hold
Everybody needs salvation for their soul
So what about you?

Everybody wants to live life good
Does anyone live the way they should
It’s never too late to turn around
‘Cuz everyone lost can be found

So when you’re feeling so alone
Don’t think that you can’t come home
And when you want to be held
My arms are open so let me know

Everybody needs someone to love
Everybody wants some hand to hold
Everybody needs salvation for their soul
So what about you?

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