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CeCe Winans – On That Day


CeCe Winans, a luminary in the realm of contemporary Christian music, transcends mere artistry to touch the deepest recesses of the human spirit with her profound lyrics and soul-stirring melodies. In her timeless anthem “On That Day,” Winans channels the essence of hope, faith, and redemption, inviting listeners on a transformative journey through the corridors of divine grace and eternal promise.

From the very first notes of “On That Day,” Winans’ rich, velvety voice resonates with an otherworldly power, carrying a message of unwavering faith and spiritual renewal. The song’s narrative unfolds like a sacred psalm, weaving together themes of perseverance, salvation, and the promise of a better tomorrow. With each verse, Winans paints a vivid tableau of a world redeemed, where sorrow and suffering yield to joy and everlasting peace.

As the chorus swells with exultation, Winans implores listeners to lift their voices in unison, heralding the arrival of that blessed day when all tears will be wiped away, and every heartache will be redeemed. It’s a stirring call to embrace the transformative power of faith and to trust in the promise of divine providence, even in the darkest of times.

Throughout “On That Day,” Winans’ vocal prowess is matched only by the depth of her conviction, as she delivers each line with an unparalleled sense of purpose and devotion. With every crescendo and every soul-stirring refrain, she reminds us that, no matter the trials we face, there is always hope on the horizon, and a brighter tomorrow awaiting those who believe.


CeCe Winans – On That Day Lyrics

The world is movin much too fastMother’s have kids, they outlastYoung men think it’s hard to pass this way
Everybody’s tryin hardTo find a world in a life that’s flawedWhen each one should be thanking GodAll the way
I want to see you on that dayOn that dayOn that dayYou know I want to see you on that dayOn that dayOn that day
We’re chasing worldly vanitySome of us living in insanityForgetting our humanity with no way
Break the bonds that tie your fleshWithout Him then life is deathOnly He will not transgressThere’s no wayOpen up your heart and knowOur debts were paid for long agoAnd love is all we really owe(for a way)

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