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CeCe Winans – Just Come


In the realm of gospel music, few voices resonate as profoundly as that of CeCe Winans. With her song “Just Come,” Winans delivers a powerful message of invitation and acceptance, beckoning listeners to lay down their burdens and find solace in the arms of divine love. From the opening chords, her voice carries a resonance that speaks directly to the soul, offering a refuge from life’s storms and a pathway to inner peace.

“Just Come” serves as a testament to Winans’ ability to blend poignant lyricism with soul-stirring melodies. Through each verse, she extends a compassionate hand to those who may be weary or downtrodden, assuring them that there is always a place of belonging in the embrace of faith. With a voice that exudes both warmth and authority, Winans implores listeners to shed their fears and doubts, and to simply surrender to the restorative power of grace.

The chorus of “Just Come” serves as a rallying cry for all who seek solace and redemption. With its uplifting refrain and infectious rhythm, it becomes a mantra of hope for those navigating life’s tumultuous waters. Winans’ impassioned delivery infuses every word with an unmistakable sense of urgency, as if imploring listeners to heed the call of divine love before it’s too late.

At its core, “Just Come” is a song of reconciliation and renewal, inviting all who are burdened with regret or shame to find forgiveness and healing in the arms of a loving Savior. Winans’ lyrics resonate with a universal truth, reminding us that no matter our past mistakes or missteps, there is always a path to redemption for those who are willing to seek it.


CeCe Winans – Just Come Lyrics

When I promised youYou could trust in meI meant every wordThat I saidYou know I understandWhat you’re going throughYou don’t have to faceThe night all by yourself
Just come, come to meIt hurts me when you cryI won’t leave you aloneWhen you need a hand to holdI will be thereI’ll always care
Sometimes the world can beSuch a lonely placeAnd you don’t feel you’re whereYou belongIt’s in those times I wishYou would talk to me‘Cause if you’re weakMy love will make you strong
Come to meIt hurts me when you cryI won’t leave you (Just come)Leave you aloneWhen you need a hand to holdI will be there (be there)And I’ll always come
What matters nowIs the love we share (Is the love we share)The love we shareLet’s pick up the pieces and go on, go on from hereGrab hold to meAnd I’ll set you free-eeee (Just come)
Leave your problems behind (Just come)I’ll be there all the timeJust come (Just come)My hands are stretched out wideI will be there-eareAnd I’ll al-Always come (Just come)
Come on, come onI’ll set you freeYes I will (Just come)I’ll never leave your sideI’ll be right thereAll the time (Just come)I’llI’ll never leave you aloneI will be there-eahI’ll always, always (Just come)Co-ee-oome eah-yeah (Just come)(Just come)

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