Thursday, July 18, 2024

Canaan Nyathi – He Touched Me [Live]


In a moving and impassioned live performance, Canaan Nyathi delivers a stirring rendition of “He Touched Me,” a deeply heartfelt testimony to the transformative power of encountering Jesus Christ. With his soulful vocals and genuine emotion, Nyathi leads listeners on a journey of personal encounter and spiritual renewal, testifying to the life-changing touch of the Savior’s hand.

In this rendition, Nyathi captures the essence of personal testimony and redemption, inviting listeners to join him in celebrating the profound impact of encountering Jesus. With each note and lyric, he conveys a sense of awe and gratitude for the healing and restoration found in the touch of Christ’s hand. Through his heartfelt performance, Nyathi communicates the joy and freedom that comes from experiencing the love and grace of Jesus firsthand.

Moreover, Nyathi’s live rendition infuses the song with an added layer of authenticity and intimacy, as listeners are drawn into a shared experience of encountering the presence of God. The live setting creates a sacred space where hearts are opened and lives are transformed by the reality of Jesus’ touch. As Nyathi leads the congregation in declaring the miraculous touch of Jesus, hearts are stirred, and spirits are uplifted by the assurance of God’s love and power.


He Touched Me (Worship Medley) [Live] by Canaan Nyathi Lyrics

He touched me
He touched me
And I know the joy that touched my soul
There is something happens and I know
He touched me and made me whole

It doesn’t matter what the devil says
But He touched me
It doesn’t matter what the enemy says
But He touched me
And I know the joy that touched my soul
There is something it happens and I know

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