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Brandon Lake – Count ‘Em (Remix)


In Brandon Lake’s dynamic remix, “Count ‘Em,” listeners are invited into a lively celebration of God’s faithfulness and goodness. Through its energetic beats and uplifting lyrics, the song becomes a joyous declaration of praise and thanksgiving. Brandon Lake infuses new life into the original composition, infusing it with a fresh perspective that ignites a sense of gratitude and joy in the hearts of listeners.

At its core, “Count ‘Em” embodies the essence of gratitude and praise. Lake’s lyrics resonate with a sense of awe and wonder as he recounts the countless blessings and miracles that God has bestowed. With each verse, listeners are drawn into a narrative of thanksgiving and celebration, recognizing the abundance of God’s goodness in their lives.

One of the most compelling aspects of “Count ‘Em” is its ability to evoke a sense of joy and celebration in the listener. Lake’s dynamic delivery and infectious enthusiasm create an atmosphere of jubilation and praise, where listeners are inspired to join in the chorus of thanksgiving. It’s a reminder that, no matter the circumstances, there is always a reason to rejoice in God’s goodness.

Beyond its musical excellence, “Count ‘Em” carries a prophetic anointing that stirs the hearts of believers to deeper levels of faith and gratitude. Lake’s fervent plea for praise serves as a catalyst for spiritual awakening, inspiring listeners to lift their voices in thanksgiving and declare God’s goodness over their lives. It’s a call to embrace the truth that every blessing, big or small, is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and provision.


Brandon Lake – Count ‘Em (Remix) Lyrics

How many broken homes
Fatherless made Your own
How many curses broke
Can’t count ‘em

How many times did we
Fall in our unbelief
Still You would come redeem
Can’t count ‘em

How many ransoms bought
Said You abandoned us
How many men were wrong
Can’t count ‘em

How many rams You brought
Deserts to waterfalls
Praise to the lamb of God
Can’t count ‘em

Can’t count ‘em

You got thunder in Your vocal
You got flames in Your eyes
You got wonder working power
Pouring out of Your side
Checked the tomb all the way through, the grave was empty inside
Ain’t no other pull the greatest miracle of all time

You got power, demons cower when they hear Your Name called
You got power that still towers, make Goliath look small
You got power to devour any counterfeit roar
Even Your tongue is a sword
Count up the score

You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)

All those funerals You ruined when You made the dead rise
Heaven’s healer using spit and mud
To open blind eyes
You got wonders I can’t number
Couldn’t count if I tried
Called the doctor and the doctor said
I’m giving new life
Tell your enemies the victory is already here
More than sixty thousand angels
Just the tip of the spear
One day every knee will bow
And every heart will be Yours
This is the end of a war
Count up the score

You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)

Where were you the day the foundations were laid?
Talking rings, I’m the one that got the planets engaged
Have you ever spoke to nothing and nothing obeyed
Ooh! You not entertained?
Watch what the angels are doing and you do the same

It’s not competitive
Stop the comparison
When Heavens thunders
Every one of the 7 wonders that we
Got irrelevant nada’s next to Him
Still reigns in the spots you’ve never been
He pours oceans like poppin’ beverage
There’s a God on top of Everest
You not impressed with this?


You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)
You are the Lord (Holy)

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