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Bisi Manuel – Adara Funmi


Bisi Manuel has recently introduced a soul-stirring and spiritually resonant single titled “Adara Funmi,” a compelling track that invites listeners into a moment of worship and supplication. The title, “Adara Funmi,” translates to “Sing for Me” in English, setting the theme for a song that beckons believers to express their devotion through heartfelt melodies.

The lyrics of “Adara Funmi” delve into themes of praise, surrender, and the intimate connection between the worshiper and the Divine. Bisi Manuel’s emotive vocals add sincerity and depth to the message, creating an atmosphere of reverence and spiritual communion. The song becomes more than just a musical composition; it serves as an invitation for believers to lift their voices in adoration, offering a melodic symphony of devotion.

The production quality of the track showcases Bisi Manuel’s commitment to creating music that is not only spiritually resonant but also musically captivating. The arrangement skillfully blends traditional gospel elements with contemporary sounds, resulting in a dynamic and culturally rich sonic experience. The harmonious melodies and expressive instrumentation contribute to the overall immersive nature of the song.

As “Adara Funmi” resonates with audiences, Bisi Manuel emerges as an artist with a distinctive voice in the gospel music scene. The song becomes a source of inspiration, encouraging believers to engage in a heartfelt expression of worship. With its profound message and Bisi Manuel’s compelling delivery, “Adara Funmi” stands as a significant addition to the repertoire of gospel music, providing a poignant and uplifting soundtrack for those seeking to connect with the Divine through the universal language of music.


Bisi Manuel – Adara Funmi Lyrics

Adara Funmi

Ma ri ba ti se

Ori mi a kan ke

Ko de ni bo se je

Emi na a lowo

Oro mi a dayo

Eni ba ni kin ma de

La o ni ba ni le

Verse 1

Ji ji mo ji o baba

Mo tu mope wa

Mo tun ju ba

Dawo re le mi o baba

Oro aye mi owo re lo wa

Ko wa ba mi se ko ma lo normal

Kogun ri mi sa ko ma

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