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Benjamin Dube – Indescribable ft Dube Brothers


Benjamin Dube and the Dube Brothers Illuminate with “Indescribable”.

South African gospel music is renowned for its deep emotional resonance and powerful spiritual messages. One of the leading figures in this genre is Benjamin Dube, whose career has been marked by numerous impactful songs and albums. His recent collaboration with the Dube Brothers on the song “Indescribable” is yet another testament to his enduring legacy and musical brilliance.

Benjamin Dube is a revered figure in the gospel music industry, not only in South Africa but globally. With a career spanning over three decades, Dube has become synonymous with powerful worship and heartfelt praise. His music is characterized by its rich lyrical content, dynamic vocal performances, and profound spiritual depth. As a pastor, singer, songwriter, and producer, Dube’s influence extends beyond music, impacting lives through his ministry and outreach programs.

“Indescribable” is a powerful worship song that seeks to articulate the majesty and wonder of God. The title itself suggests a divine encounter that is beyond human comprehension, and the song delivers this theme through its poignant lyrics and moving melodies.


Video: Benjamin Dube – Indescribable ft Dube Brothers

Lyrics: Benjamin Dube – Indescribable ft Dube Brothers

Oh oh oh oh!

We’ve got the, We’ve got the
We’ve got the victory, tory (Repeat)

Victorious, through Jesus Christ, Yes
Who conquered death, for you and me
So no weapon formed against me
Shall kill or try destroy me
Saved by the Blood, that set me free

This victory, forged at the Cross
Forged in His Blood, purged for the lost
Yes shout it loud, hey!
Our heavens cries, Has been answered
It’s yours and mine!


I feel like I should have been on high ground by now
I make a lot of mistakes, but God, hears my prayer,
He gives me strength
(He is) the reason that I’m still standing (victorious)
I am, and you are, victorious!

Devil you’ve wanted us for too long
And now you’ll notice the curtain’s drawn, we’re all gone
The barricade of believers have sounded alarms
The sound of the final trumpet, the revelation, the Lord has come
The Lord has come to ripple through the enemy’s hedges we’ve got the Son
So I suggest you return on back home for the One has come

Oh oh oh oh!
We’re victorious! (Repeat)


Oh oh oh oh!
Victory is ours
Victory is mine
Victory is yours (Repeat)

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